brand 101: Carhartt WIP


Carhartt is a USA-based clothing brand that specializes in work wear. ''Hard at Work Since 1889'' is the slogan that defines the company that started out by creating labor ready pieces for the workers of the railroad. These included jackets, coats, vests, shirts and jeans the complete uniform. Recognized for their excellence and durability, Carhartt is now common on construction sites, farms and industries where physical work is the is mandatory.

By creating simple and functional basics, the brand quickly gained popularity among casual consumers as well, especially with their Work In Progress line; featuring the original pieces with an added streetwear twist. Carhartt WIP has also managed to develop a strong relationship with the urban youth culture by collaborating with several pioneers of underground scene such as Stüssy, Supreme and Bathing Ape to name a few.

In a fast fashion invaded era, the gap between durable and short lasting pieces is only getting greater and greater; a jacket from a brand like Carhartt stands out. As the founder Edwin Faeh would put it ''You will find out after many years''.

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