Back & Forth...

Aaliyah had a track called "Back & Forth" in '94, and I still remember the outfits in that video. They we're pretty on point, on top of that, R.Kelly does a 2 second cameo in it, enough said! Anyways, all that to say that OTH does not only consist of the shop, but there is also the office / gallery right down the street.  A back and forth routine was created between these two spaces and I. The retail & the detail.

- Johnny F. Kim


Leftovers of the OSMOZE show last friday...

IMG_0937.jpg IMG_0931.jpg

Where the magic happens, not really...


A few Adidas that should hit the floors any time now...

IMG_0930.jpg IMG_0922.jpg

When a new season starts, the studio can get pretty messy and that girl right there is Laurence. She handles the online shop. So be nice to her...And my brother Will.

IMG_0932.jpg IMG_0934.jpg

Shlohmo fan, aka Nick the guy that shoots 75% of all the blog content...He was not to happy about this shot I guess...How does it feel to be on the other side of the fence?


Next level...


"Listen to your boss", he said today...

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