ARIES AW18 at OTH William Gray


For a while, Aries was Angelo’s favourite brand that we didn’t carry at Off The Hook. He’d come into the office and show us pieces that the young streetwear brand was putting out. At the time, Aries was making rave-inspired streetwear for women, but from the outset the brand’s strength was its identity and spirit. 

The brand was founded in 2012, by Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell, who had worked together at Silas and almost immediately, everything about Aries was perfect. The name, the branding, the styling. Seriously, everything about the brand was flawless. 


Angelo wasn’t the only guy who was looking at Aries and thinking “man, I wish they made that for dudes” and, in 2018, the brand expanded its offering with a dedicated menswear collection. Some of the best stores in the world, like Slam Jam in Milan — a store we look up to — were carrying it and it was impossible to deny that Aries had momentum. 

By this point, OTH William Gray was a well-oiled machine and we were convinced that we needed a brand that spoke to both men and women without really distinguishing between the two. We needed a brand that a guy or a girl could at it and think “that’s dope”... but about every piece, regardless of gender. Of course, Angelo knew that there was only one brand that fit the bill: Aries.


Aries’ original graphics and unique styling will certainly become a mainstay at OTH William Gray for the foreseeable future. Really, the only concern we have is whether we’ll have enough stock to keep everybody happy.

 Peep their full lookbook here