Arc'teryx Gear for Winter


Arc'teryx is back for Fall/winter '17 and this time around we have a far more extensive line of outerwear so you can choose your winter armour based off the needs which cater to you. You might see some new styles from the Vancouver outdoors brand and that's why we're here to inform you on the items we're carrying this season.

Camosun Parka

The Camosun Parka is arguably one of the best "bang for your buck" winter coats you can buy mainly based off how well it stands the test of time. The presence of a stowable hood means you can  protect yourself during those snowstorms but also switch it up with a thick collar that will equally look clean and keep your neck warm. 

Therme Parka

The Therme Parka is like wearing a magic shield that won't allow the slightest bit of cold to penetrate the jacket, all while keeping your body temperature naturally where you want it to be, so you don't find yourself breaking sweats when entering the subway on your way to work.

Thorsen Parka

The Thorsen Parka is the most advanced and protective winter coat Arc'teryx has to offer today. Put the Thorsen to the test in the harshest blizzard for a week straight just as well as you can wear it inside warmer settings thanks to its exceptional heat retainment and breathability properties.

Rico Jacket

One of the most versatile options as far as Fall outerwear goes. The Rico jacket features a water repellant finish for moisture wicking and a comfortable breathable synthetic going down the sides for an slightly athletic fit and look. You can wear this as a puffer under a protective shell jacket and be more than set for the winter. 

Rivet glove

The Arc'teryx Rivet glove is a beast; it's packed with a warm and comfortable fleece which is covered by a harder, DWR-finished shell so you never need to hide your hands in your pockets anymore.