ApexKnit: Herschel Supply Co's first move into exclusive fabrics


Since their beginnings in 2009, it's safe to say Herschel Supply Co has come a very long way. Now a globally recognized accessories powerhouse (with the collaborations to prove it), Herschel launches its very first proprietary fabric: ApexKnit. We’re very excited to be carrying Herschel Supply’s new premium line of bags, currently featuring two backpack silhouettes and one pouch, available in three colorways.

You may be thinking based on the name that the material is just a rehash of the very popular Flyknit and Primeknit fabrics but, while the Cormack brothers were inspired by footwear, creating fabric for bags is a totally different field. 2 years into the development process, the bags are finally ready for release!

According to co-founder Jamie Cormack: "The idea for ApexKnit came about two years ago after we discovered jacquard fabrics at a footwear tradeshow—we immediately knew it was something we wanted to work with. A major focus for us is experimenting with new materials and manufacturing processes. Finding the right manufacturer to help create our own exclusive jacquard was a year-long process, going through countless samples until we finally found the right partner to develop ApexKnit."


No other brand has worked with knit jacquard pieces of this size before. The material itself is a high-density knit, allowing Herschel to produce patterns and gradients that are actually woven into the material instead of being printed or dyed onto the fabrics like you would with nylon or canvas, creating a brand new look and bringing their bags into 2016.

To note: the new ApexKnit Lawson and Dayton bags have only 4 seams—all reinforced by bartack stitching, whereas a usual backpack will have somewhere around 50 seams. "Where failures generally happen on bags is in the seams or the zipper," says Lyndon. "So by eliminating those seams, you're eliminating points that are just thread holding two pieces of material together." He continues, "The material composition of our ApexKnitTM fabric is similar to other examples out there, but the real difference is in our construction process. ApexKnitTM has to be a lot stronger because we’re physically molding each piece, creating pockets and forming silhouettes that need to hold their shape independently.”

Herschel is constantly seeking to innovate, and it’s safe to say they’ve hit the mark with their new line. The knit is resilient and the bags are nearly seamless. Using as few separate pieces as possible, they are cutting down both on manufacturing waste and product weight. Everybody wins. "The end result is a stronger product that’s been molded into shape and has a progressive, minimalist aesthetic," states Lyndon.

Herschel has taken the next step, advancing into proprietary fabrics, and remains a force to be reckoned with. 

Available at 421 Saint Vincent and online!