An Evening With John Bowman


Off The Hook has always been a great partisan of les moineaux but to show just how strong the bond is let’s have a quick flashback. Picture this: two Greek men working in a restaurant called L’Aigle d’Or in the 70s, right next to the Olympic Stadium, serving food to the players of our city’s very own football team. These men are no other than Angelo’s and Harry’s fathers. 

Growing up with this appreciation for the team and its familiarity only makes this collaboration stronger and imbued with sweet nostalgia. In honour of John Bowman’s illustrious 14 years long career, we designed a capsule collection including a long sleeve, a T-Shirt and a turtleneck. To celebrate it all, we had an event launching the collaboration with Bowman himself and other players from Les Alouettes in our Saint-Catherine store. On top of the capsule, we showcased two unique pieces that we patchworked from old player jerseys alongside memorabilia from the Alouettes and bobbleheads in the image of the player—which were offered to the 60 first purchases!

The limited collection continues to be available here for purchase, so make sure to put your hands on it before it runs out!