tmhk tomahok agnosia trashtalker

AGNOSIA | Tomahok X Trashtalker

Modern Greek.


Manos is a regular Joe in Greece that started off working a 9-5 but ended up working 9 to ... Greece in the past 10 years has deteriorated economically. That means that every morning Manos wakes up, he sees more and more bills in his mail box. Problem is ever since this situation started he works more hours and gets payed less, also sometimes he doesn’t get payed at all. Debt and misfortune have become a routine to Manos. Not to lose his mind, he stops acknowledging the problem, so bills get stacked - debt gets bigger - time is shorter, but Manos wakes up everyday with a smile, happy, and keeps on living his life.


In this concrete jungle called Athens - Manos’s defence mechanism is AGNOSIA.


TOMAHOK comes together with TRASHTALKER, an Athenian tattoo artist that specializes in Old School, to create AGNOSIA, a limited capsule of stone washes and tie dyes.


The collection is available online and at our Downtown location now! Click here to see the whole lookbook shot by Celia Spenard-Ko.
tmhk tomahok agnosia trashtalker
tmhk tomahok agnosia trashtalker

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