40s & Shorties x OTH


Last time our homies at 40s & Shorties were in town, we started working on a little project to pay homage to our fine city. We love it here, and they love it every time they come down. We wanted to celebrate the spots that locals and tourists alike can appreciate, and after a few brainstorms over bagels, smoked meat sandwiches and the occasional adult beverage, we came up with something we're super happy to be launching this week, just in time for OSHEAGA.

The collection features a bandana, two t-shirts, two longsleeves, a souvenir jacket, and, of course, a pair of socks that feature a discreet stash pocket. Each piece features graphic elements inspired by the city's Chinatown neighbourhood, and the graphics call out some of our city's iconic elements.

We'll be celebrating the launch of the collection this Thursday, August 3rd, with the homies from 40s & Shorties in town for the occasion. Come and join us at Riverside St-Henri, and help christen Montreal's newest spot. We'll be there from 7:30 onwards!

The collection will be available on Friday, August 4th, in the world's smallest pop up, which we've conceived with the help fo Frenzy. We'll be taking over a secret location at Parc Jean-Drapeau (where a certain music festival is happening this weekend) for a guerrilla-style pop up. Full details and the exact location of the pop up will be released Thursday evening! As of Saturday AM, you can grab the collection from our Downtown store, the webstore, or from 40s & Shorties!

40s & Shorties x OTH from Off The Hook on Vimeo.