A Year in Summary: OTH's 2022 Recap


As the 2022 comes to a close and we've finally moved away from a chaotic and confusing past few years, we look back on the past 12 months with satisfaction and gratitude. While some things came and went, other opportunities presented themselves, and we got to experience a year full of new experiences for us at OTH and for everyone who joined us downtown or online.

We wanted to revisit 2022 and run through all the dope things that took place over the last year as we prepare ourselves for another year of fresh ideas, opportunities and experiences that will be coming to both us and everyone who has joined us over.

New Brands: On Running, Saucony, District Vision

The start of the year saw us quickly introduce three brand new brands to the OTH family. Following off one of the themes of 2021, those who were observant would've saw what was coming not long down the line after these intros. The first of the three newly welcomed brands was On Running, an award winning running shoe brand that continues to take the world by storm through their innovation and clean designs. Following On, we added a little bit of age contrast to the up-and-coming Swiss brand with a true OG to the running shoe game with Saucony. Still highly focused on performance, Saucony brought a twist to running sneakers with some street style. Capping the early intros off was District Vision, another up-and-comer to the running world, though their focus strayed away from sneakers, and focused on state-of-the-art eyewear as well as top quality running garments.


As we said, the observant would've seen it coming. April saw the launch of Running by OTH, a carefully curated selection of running shoes, clothing and accessories from the top brands around the world and new trailblazers in the scene. Running isn't for everyone, but RUNNING by OTH is.  From the trails, to asphalt roads, to your next function, our lineup of running gear focuses on keeping your fits looking clean no matter what your plans are.


As MURAL was back for another year of festivities, as were we with another collaboration with the Montreal art festival. With our mutual love and appreciation for art and local talent, we were joined by Roxy Peroxyde to learn more about her journey with art. As a self-taught painter, Roxy established herself with a signature style, having her work being shown in galleries across North America and Europe. We discussed with her about her journey and her thoughts about the art world as a whole.

Affaire de Famille

Taking charge of the night was our very own DJ Nate AC and alongside him were his two day ones Henri and SK. The trio gave 1021 a set of live music with a visual experience provided by multidisciplinary artist Alexis Bél God. Getting back to something we've always always loved, Affaire de Famille marked OTHs return to hosting after hour music sets.


With another year in the books, LOOKS continued on throughout the year with more of our best pieces, styled in our favourite ways, on many of our good friends. With special guests like Edward Reilly, Naadei Lyonnais, Yan Cacchione, CJ Flemmings and more, our curated LOOKS highlighted all of our favourite brands in a clean way throughout the year once more.

Constant Elevation

With Montreal being home to an abundance of creatives, it’s not always easy to stick out amongst the crowd. To be singled out in the company of so many other talented individuals requires distinctive qualities. Constant Elevation praises a group of trailblazers whose innovation and persistence deserve recognition for setting themselves apart. Each of the nine artists showcased are constantly trying new things and are endlessly working to perfect their craft, inspiring those around them to always strive for more. These are people who continuously create, innovate, and test their limits year after year, month after month, and day after day.

More New brands: Tired Skateboards, Horai, Dr. Martens

The second half of the year saw the addition of three more brands being welcomed to the OTH family from across the world. Tired Skateboards came with some clear similarities to By Parra, and that's because it's Dutchman's very own skate brand as he combined his years of experience on a deck as well as as a creative designer to create Tired. Soon after, we had the pleasure of introducing Horai, a minimal yet extremely technical brand from our home here in Montreal. With simplistic style but top of the line design, Horai is backed by years of experience and is only getting started. The last brand of the year we welcomed didn't really need any sort of introduction, as this specific German-founded British footwear brand is known across the world. Dr. Martens joined us with their assortment of some of the most recognizable footwear in the game.


That's it! Nothing else, just thoughts on tees! The idea behind the collection comes from the premise that streetwear at its core is just about sharing ideas/thoughts on t-shirts.

We had some fun throwing jokes back and forth and thought about putting them on some tees because what is streetwear if not text on t-shirts? We wanted to get back to the basics and not take ourselves too seriously.

Patta x New Balance

Last year we introduced Patta, one of streetwear's all-time OGs who spearheaded streetwear in Europe in their home of Amsterdam. This year, as one of the very few retailers to receive the New Balance x Patta 990v3 "Olivine" collab, we unveiled a full separate run in-store just for our local customers. The collaborative sneaker took over our store in Downtown, Montreal, and caught the eyes of passersby on Saint-Catherine, helping us cap off this crazy release.

Garden Party Pop-Up

 As the first creative to have been featured in Constant Elevation, we were hyped to have Beamskii bring his brand, Garden Party over to OTH for quick pop-up event. Having taken over part of the store, Beamskii and his team brought over good vibes with music, their flyers covering the walls, and their beanies to bring everything full circle.

The North Face XX KAWS Drop 2

After dropping one of the dopest collabs of the year back in February, TNF XX KAWS came back for a round 2 and we knew it had to be bigger and better. With TNF's most sought after classic pieces and KAWS' trademark style, TNF XX KAWS drop 2 took over 1021 and had a crowd gathered outside in anticipation. 

Nobody Cares

After a long hiatus, Nobody Cares returned with a brand new collection. With no deviation from the mindset that’s been set since its first release, the new Nobody Cares Fall Winter ‘22 drop featured tees, crews and hoodies all following the brand mantra. Have fun because nobody cares. If you don't like it, nobody cares. If you did it first, nobody cares.

Patta x Tommy

Patta x Tommy took over a part of our downtown store for the launch of their collection. With the collaborative logo on full display and the collection unveiled by it's sides, Patta grabbed the reigns for a second time this year following their New Balance x Patta MIUSA 990v3 drop from back in October. With nods back to '90s hip-hop, the collab collection fit perfectly within OTH's 4 walls with our deep rooted connection to hip-hop from back in the '90s and 2000's


With the year fully wrapped up, we want to thank the entire OTH family, everybody who has supported us through this year and the past years and we look forward to moving vers le haute into 2023!