street smarts: Lyndon Cormack


We had a nice conversation with Lyndon Cormack last week -- we picked his brain about how his travelling has influenced Herschel Supply, the future of the brand, and what his day-to-day routine is like.


How would you describe what you do?
As Managing Director, I work alongside our marketing, sales and operations teams, overseeing the day to day affairs of Herschel Supply Company. 

What would you consider your uniform?
Basics for sure. I wear a lot of khakis, denim, t-shirts, sneakers. Lots of different styles of sneakers. I'm drawn to classic pieces with a twist. 

Favourite meal to eat after a night out?
Eggs and bacon at brunch the next day. 

What’s your all-time favourite sneaker?
It's a toss up between a Vans Authentic and an Air Max 90. Those are two of my all time favorite go-to's.  

You’re standing in line at your local coffee shop, what are you getting ready to order?
I don't drink coffee so it would have to be a juice and maybe something sweet. Oatmeal cookies are my go to. 

When you need inspiration, where do you turn?
I get a lot of inspiration from architecture and interior design magazines. It's interesting to look at product creators from different industries and see how they work within the confines that are presented to them. Different materials and restrictions inform their decision making but can be applied to what we do. 

What’s the most important thing in your office?
Kane Tan - my assistant. 

When you get dressed in the morning, what’s the first thing you decide on?
Pants for sure. I wear a lot of basic t-shirts so it's easy to add those on after i've chosen pants. 

What’s your favourite city fashion-wise?
New York City is the ultimate city for me. The way it's utilitarian, yet experimental. It celebrates fashion but also celebrates sensibilities. It's an eclectic mix of fashion meets function. 

How has your experience travelling influenced the bags that Herschel Supply makes?
When you're constantly on the road you understand, based on trial and error, that functionality is key for a travel product. I feel that it's crucial in bag design to produce a utility product that helps people get from A to B as smoothly as possible.  

What do you never travel without? Besides your passport.
My go-to travel attire is a lightweight cashmere sweater for the plane, sneakers because I love exploring the city I'm about to set foot in, and an open mind. 

Do you see your Studio Collection as the future of the brand, moving towards minimalism and tech?
I think the Studio Collection is a great segmentation of the brand. It allows our consumers to explore minimalistic aesthetics delivered through technical fabrications. It's an important collection for us and a beautiful take on a classic, utility product. 

After Disney, Coca-Cola and Major League Baseball, what’s next in terms of collaborations for you guys?
Our partnerships in the coming year are going to be very segment specific. We're working with some of the best names in fashion, art and skate on some partnerships that will allow us to do some great storytelling. We're really excited to partner with some people doing incredible things in their industry. 


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