light jackets to deal with spring-summer's crap


It's June already, almost officially summer, and though that mostly means beautiful warm weather, we're also bound to get a fair share of crappy days. Luckily, we've got a great selection of light jackets to keep you comfortable regardless of what mother nature throws your way.


If you haven't heard of Rains yet, then you're welcome. This brand out of Denmark has been around since 2012, providing the most stylish weather protection using the best quality materials, which makes a Rains jacket easily one of the most satisfying pieces to handle.
Now, after those two suggestions you're probably wondering: "Okay those are awesome, now what do I wear if it's cold outside but isn't actually raining?" 
Glad you asked, because we've got you covered.
Next up, we've got our collaboration with 47 Brand, a super comfortable zip varsity that doubles as an awesome throwback, making use of the classic 1992 Expos logo. 
You may only know Penfield as "that American outerwear brand that makes winter apparel" but they've got a lot more going for them. Lightweight and wind-resistant, this coach jacket is exactly the sort of thing a cool spring-summer day needs.
Alright we'll finish this off by mixing it up a little bit. This long jacket from I Love Ugly combines the coverage of a raincoat with the class of a coach jacket. The water-resistant nylon shell will keep you dry in a drizzle, but we don't recommend wearing this during heavy downpour.
Maybe once the heatwave is over we'll actually get to take advantage of all these sick jackets. What are you wearing this summer? Let us know by tagging us in your posts!