trend report: cropped pants


Do your pants hang low? Do they dangle to the floor? No? Good, because cropped pants are the new movement. That’s right, long gone are the days of 34 and 36 length jeans and chinos -- these days, most brands are offering 30’’ and 32’’ inseams, and those are the longer options; don’t be surprised to find your favourite pants in 27’’ and 28’’ options.

This isn’t a case of brands shoving shorter pants down customers’ throats — it’s actually brands responding to what you’ve been asking for indirectly for years. They’ve picked up on the fact that most consumers tend to roll their jeans, cuff their chinos, and have a few inches chopped off the bottom of their favourite summer pants. So what did they do? They just made them shorter. The nice thing about cropped pants is that they look nice and crisp. Worn well, they can make you look like the best dressed person in the world. Worn wrong they’ll still look better than if you were covering your sneakers with inches upon inches of needless pant leg.

 The beauty about cropped pants is that they let you showcase the rest of your outfit, whether it’s your fleeky sock game, or your crispy summer kicks. One of our favourite looks is a pair of beige cropped trousers paired with Old Skools and white tube socks, with a crisp white tee rounding out an outfit that’s perfect for the summer months. You don’t have to limit yourself to low-cut sneakers either, cropped pants look great worn with hi-tops and let the shoes breathe. There’s nothing worse than ruining your nice shoes by smothering them with a pair of jeans.

If you’re feeling a bit more hands-on, you can take the cropped pants trend into your own hands and chop a few inches off a pair of pants that fit well, but were always a bit too long. Use a bar of soap or wax to mark off the length you want and grab a pair of sharp scissors to cut the pants. If you’re going that route you might want to leave the hem as is and let a few threads hang down.


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